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Security Awareness Programs

ESTec provides consultants and then offers expert lecturers and seminar-speakers with the materials needed to train and refresh personnel who deal with information assets within your company. Our experts can help to design and implement security awareness programs. Awareness programs can result in a major improvement in information security at a relatively low cost to the organization. Most employees want to maintain security, and all they need to have is a refresher course in the goals and policies of the company in regard to information access. The existence of the program also reminds employees that security is important within the organization.

Sample Case

Customer: A Large American Utility
Services: Security Awareness program development
Problem: Management felt that personnel needed to be reminded of the written policies and standards in regard to information security and wished this teaching to originate in a third party.
Solution: An ESTec consultant custom developed three training courses, one for managers, one for systems administrators, and one for users. The consultant presented the courses and also trained the trainers to give the courses to existing pwersonnel or to new personnel entering the workforce.
The initial testing of the courses received such high reviews that management rolled out the course to 20,000 users, 1,000 managers, and 400 systems administrators.
Results: After the course was complete, the rate of reported information security problems and incidents rose dramatically, while the number of successful intrusions dropped by more than half. The latter represented a saving in the hundreds of thousands per year, while the administrators reported an increased awareness of security matters.

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