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Expert Witness

Our experts can provide analysis and reporting related to computer events or technology. If the event proceeds to court we can provide an expert witness to testify to the facts of the case.
In many cases a computer specialist is required to analyze information and provide a report to lawyers involved in litigation over employment problems, abuse of rights or other legal problems. In other cases, ESTec serves as an expert witness concerning security software development or implementation.

Sample Case

Customer: A Major International Software Developer
Services: Expert Witness
Problem: The case concerns corporate software used around the world, and we were called upon to prepare testimony suggesting a patent infringement costing the company millions of dollars in lost revenue every year. A competitor had published a software application that appeared to our clients to violate the Taiwanese company's legal international patent protection, and threatened their viability as an enterprise. While the conflict did not raise questions of culpability in criminal terms, it concerned security software development and deployment for the two competing products.
Solution: An ESTec consultant agreed to reverse-engineered the new, competing application to testify to the techniques used by the competitor in writing the new application.
Results: Upon presentation of our report outlining the precise methodologies ESTec would use to review and reverse-engineer the new product, the patent violator agreed to pay a royalty to the software developer who had written the original application. The settlement has paid off in an income stream for the original company that annually far exceeds the total cost of ESTec's expert witness efforts on their behalf.

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