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Disaster Recovery Planning & Plan Reviews

Disasters range from the every day errors resulting in file damage through to a century's only flooding or earthquake. Statistically it is easily established that almost all disasters that result in data-loss also result in considerable short term income loss, and that 20% of companies reporting large losses of this kind fail within 5 years of the disaster. Yet, for too many companies and government organizations, adequate, updated disaster recovery planning is a neglected area of information security. It also has the largest return on investment for many organizations. ESTec experts provide assistance in developing appropriate disaster recovery plans and a suitable testing program. A regular review of the recovery plans is necessary to ensure that the plans are up to date, and have been tested with the latest company configurations.

Sample Case

Customer: A Large Natural Gas Distributor
Services: Disaster Recovery Plan Audit for Y2K
Problem: With Y2K less than 6 months away, management wanted to assess preparedness, plans for recovery in event of a disaster associated with the year 2000, and estimate cost-benefit figures for each affected area of enterprise. In effect, the distribution system wanted to ensure that disaster recovery plans were in place for all critical systems.
Solution: An ESTec consultant identified the critical systems and located the disaster recovery plan for each one. The plans were then checked and spot checks were performed to ensure that the required resources were still available, and that the recovery plans worked.
A key accounting system had recently faced a large increase in hardware demand after a new application was introduced. During that time they had installed all of the cold backup equipment that was supposed to be on stand-by for disaster recovery. The project manager had attempted to hide his cost overruns by pillaging the disaster recovery plan. The result was that the disaster recovery plan no longer had sufficient available resources. Worse: the resources it required were much larger than the recovery plan estimated. Senior management insisted that the equipment he "borrowed" was replaced, and that additional equipment was sourced to meet the increased needs of the plan.
Result: ESTec Identified shortcomings in the disaster recovery plans, allowing the client to fix the problems before a disaster occurred.

For more information on our Disaster Recovery Planning Procedures
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