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This policy about our customers' right to control the release of information about them is intended to meet current Internet norms, including the European Union (E.U.) commercial standards.

Because we believe that all business is founded on trust and on the confidence of its customers and the community at large, ESTec Systems Corp. does its utmost to protect user and client privacy. The privacy principles in place at ESTec Systems Corp. can be summed up as follows:
We will ask for, receive, store and transmit only the personal information that is absolutely required for client service.
Access to personal information is strictly controlled to maintain confidentiality.
Unless authorized by the client, or required by law, ESTec Systems Corp. will not give information about a customer, executive, or employee to a third party.
No information about clients, and others will be retained other than the absolute minimum ESTec Systems Corp. reasonably needs.

ESTec Systems Corp. recognizes an obligation to protect customer privacy. All records in the possession of ESTec Systems Corp. may be used only for purposes directly related to ESTec Systems Corp. business.

Before a customer places an order, performs a transaction, or otherwise discloses personal information, ESTec Systems Corp. representatives will inform the customer of the ways in which that information will be used.

Computer-supported procedures never require customers to provide personal information beyond that which is absolutely necessary for performing a transaction, or providing the contracted products or services.

Information that identifies an individual or reveals their identity, including e-mail addresses, will not be distributed by ESTec Systems Corp. without prior approval.

Information about actual or prospective customers and employees or these parties' use of our services may be necessary for ESTec's legitimate internal purposes, in order, for example, to improve client service. Each executive, employee, contractor, vendor or consultant of ESTec Systems Corp. is bound to secrecy regarding ESTec Systems Corp. information and business.

ESTec's systems may log information for the purposes of systems administration, diagnostic, and site-tracking. ESTec Systems Corp. will not link log data to information that might identify users individually, except during authorized incident investigations.

Logs reflecting the activities of computer users or those served by computers will not be disclosed to third parties without written authorization by the client or legal requirement.

Access to all information is strictly controlled and the information is used only for internal business purposes. In the absence of legal requirement, third party sale, exchange, or distribution of private information is prohibited unless client consent is first obtained.

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