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Computer Security Institute (CSI) is the world's leading membership organization specifically dedicated to serving and training the information, computer and network security professional.

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Security History

Data cryptography was developed over 4000 years ago. The first seals came in Mesopotamia around 4000 BC. Jewish texts sometimes concealed their meanings by reversing the alphabet, while Spartan leaders communicated with their generals by writing messages across adjoining edges of a strip of parchment wrapped spirally around a staff.

Security threats are no longer only the concerns of politicians, diplomats, and generals. The issues are complex, as technological changes occur at an accelerating rate, and businesses look at information security from a global perspective on personnel, costs, policies, training, stock valuations, profitability -- and survivability.

In response to the expanding security issues created by rapid technological change and the increasing complexity of information security, ESTec Systems was formed in 1987, dedicated to software development and security issues in the mini- computer and mainframe environments. Corporate computing has evolved from a centralized mainframe/ mini computer based structure to personal computer-based local area networks (LAN's).

While the development of the client/server has been phenomenal, its growth has been eclipsed by the expansion of e-commerce on the Internet. The Internet is tightly integrated into the contemporary corporate information system everywhere, and email is a core unit of business and government.
ESTec's consultants remove the need to add IT expertise to your IA department, reducing the risks and allowing you to get the best from your employees' time, and your company's money.

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