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MIS Training Institute is the international leader in audit and information security training. MIS’ expertise draws on experience gained in training more than 100,000 delegates across five continents.




ESTec offers a wide range of seminars, lectures, classes, and training sessions for management, supervisors, and employees, including continuing education to ensure that changes in employees and practices do not weaken policies and procedures. Using an international team of consultants, we tailor our training program and materials to your organization, its security needs, and its development plans.

Basic Training in Security: Employee Awareness Training

55-80% of intrusions begins inside the firewall. Most employees are honest, and nearly all wish to protect the organization, and significant improvements in security can be achieved through education. If an employee feels disgruntled or larcenous, awareness training, peer review, and other procedures can be designed to keep her or him from costing the organization time, money, or survival.
Typically, we present a one-hour session to your employees, with a Q&A session at the end, supplemented by a program of posters and newsletter articles to maintain security awareness. Investment in time: about 2 hours.

Management Training

Managers are typically entrusted with greater access to sensitive information. As a result of time pressures, management sessions tend to be shorter, with less Q&A time. Managers are on the company's distribution list for security newsletters, and will be aware of any poster campaign. Typical time investment: 1 hour.

Administrator Training

Systems administrators need to know how information is classified and protected. A training session normally runs a full day, including Q&A and a Security Reference Manual for administrators accompanies the course. Time investment: 1 day.

Public Training

For years, ESTec has developed and presented seminars for the MIS Training Institute. MISTI supplies diversified information security training classes for security and audit professionals. For further information on these public seminars and the wide range of topics they cover, visit:

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