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MIS Training Institute is the international leader in audit and information security training. MIS’ expertise draws on experience gained in training more than 100,000 delegates across five continents.



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For more than 15 years, ESTec has supplied network security audits, forensic analyses, and vulnerability assessments for organizations of all sizes and complexities -- from the smallest office to the largest government agency. Headquartered in Canada, we serve networks and systems in the Americas, Asia, and around the globe.

We design security, investigate network safety, advise corporate information managers, audit firewalls and their logs, test firewalls and networks for vulnerability, and present seminars on computer security for industry and government. Our design team produces innovative management software for network and Internet security. Click on the topics in the cell below for all your security concerns. Whether you are an individual user interested in information security, a SOHO operator, a company IT, a corporation manager, or a government agency head, you can trust that ESTec serves the information security needs of groups like yours around the globe.

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