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Computer Security Institute (CSI) is the world's leading membership organization specifically dedicated to serving and training the information, computer and network security professional.

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In performing information security audits and other work in the field of data safety at ESTec, we utilize consultants with a variety of expertise, located in different geographical areas, selected for their expertise and their ability to work with clients.

Our chief consultant is:

Anthony B. Nelson

Mr. Nelson, president of ESTec, is a Management Consultant with thirty years' experience in information systems and technology. He has worked with materials from business and government accounting to technical applications such as Electronic and Mechanical Computer Assisted Drafting, and on standard and proprietary platforms, including UNIX, PC DOS, and diverse networks.

Mr. Nelson has been involved with complex security architecture designs for major networks using widely distributed client/server applications over multiple security domains. Areas of expertise include integrated networks running Banyan Vines, TCP/IP, IPX, NetBEUI, DecNet, AppleTalk, and SNA. He has covered industry and government projects on disaster recovery, internetwork file transfer security, and security reviews for Internet firewalls.

A Senior Consultant in Canada, the United States, and Europe for MIS Training Institute, specializing in security and business automation, Mr. Nelson lectures widely to industry professionals on information security, Internet security, and security auditing. He has co-authored an Internet security reference and written a variety of security related articles.

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